Ecology of Excess

Public promenade, congress center, residence of the orchestra of Cordoba, car park, includes 2,000 seat congress & concert auditorium, 650-seat auditorium, 550seat outdoor auditorium, conference facilities, 3 multifunction exhibition spaces, rehearsal and recording rooms.

The project was commissioned the city of Cordoba as part of their bid for the European City of Culture 2016 for a site adjacent to the old city of Cordoba, a UNESCO world heritage site.

The building is composed of 200m long beam with a horizontal slice through the middle. The slice forms a linear trajectory connecting all parts of the building and the surrounding park. Functioning as a programmatic sandwich, the upper and lower layers of the slice fold or converge to respond to different interior/exterior pressures along its length: separating to create an exterior promenade; converging to define the auditorium proscenium. Cantilevered from the beam is the seating area of the main auditorium.

The building is clad in green u-glass planks with a bubble pattern slumped into them. The bubbles catch the strong southern light and flood the interior with a cloudy green light.
16x20" posters at L.A. Mart