MOdAM Museum and School of Fashion, Yale School of Architecture design studio

The project was developed for a studio in which a commercial developer (Hines) was invited to collaborate with an architect (Behnisch), the first such partnership at Yale. The subject for the studio was the design of MOdaM, a public building, school and museum that will be built as part of an actual commercial project under development by Hines in Milan at Garibaldi Repubblica. The commercial project includes offices, a hotel, convention center, housing.

The new building must reconcile a complex set of ambitions. For Hines, the developer, an icon and a strong identity for Garibaldi Repubblica. For the institution, MOdAM, an unprecedented center for fashion and contemporary culture in Milan. And for the city, a public amenity that would re-connect Garibaldi Repubblica to the adjacent neighborhood and provide a new center for social life.

After a economic planning analysis of the program and site, the project developed a theory of proximity - the constructive interference that arises when unlike elements are brought near - that was deployed as a masterplan strategy and a primary architectural diagram.
Small building / big impression?
Garibaldi Repubblica redevelopment area
Can quantitative analysis determine design?
Driving a wedge between the towers
Unfolded shows diversity along distance
Compression under a roof
But inscrutable
The possibilities for representing the project