Whitney Museum Extension, Yale School of Architecture design studio

The design is for an extension to the existing Marcel Breuer building in New York. For the studio most of the conventional design criteria for a museum - gallery conditions, public entry, art - were ignored. Program was irrelevant. The idea instead was to use the Breuer building as a starting point, as raw material from which a new project could emerge.

The intention was to develop an iterative design process based on formal analysis. First look at the Breuer building, draw it, assess it's criteria, then produce a new design on the basis of this analysis. Following this, start again with the result of the first study. Analyze then reinvent. This process was continued until a fully new project emerged from the study of the original.

For the final design, the new building has subsumed the old while expanding to the adjacent site with a volume equal to the original building. The geometry of the two halves - the half on top of the Breuer building and the half in the new site - have quite different qualities. In the Breuer site there is much volatility. The form is eroded exposing a lattice structure. On the new site, the form is regular, with alternating bands of solid metal and open trusses.

Marcel Breuer's Whitney Museum
Steel and wood model of final scheme
Wood study model
Wood and steel study model
Steel and MDF study model
Elevation view from Madison Avenue